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BTCL provides land telephone (PSTN-Digital) throughout the country. Apply to your nearby BTCL (Divisional Engineer) office in prescribed form. Form is available in form section on this website and also at BTCL office. BTCL office will issue a demand note (if line is available) to pay connection charge etc at a specified bank. After that, BTCL will send advice note to your local camp to provide connection.

Area Connection Charge Security Deposit Total
Dhaka Multi-Exchange,
Narayanganj Proper,
Gazipur Proper
Tk 1000 Tk 1000 Tk 2000
Chittagong Multi-Exchange Tk 500 Tk 500 Tk 1000
Other Zilla,
Growth Center
Tk 300 Tk 300 Tk 600

Optional telephone set (Alaponi-21, model-8112) is available at price Tk 1200/=. (Ref: RS 2-5/(part-3)40, Date: 29/07/2012). Customers may also buy it from TSS sales center or from local market.

Most lines have caller-ID option, use a set with caller-ID display to see the incoming number.

For Govt. Service Telephone Connections, BTCL will provide Telephone set (available model).

Please apply to BTCL Divisional Engineer (DE)’s Office in your area in prescribed form for new connection, name and address change/ correction etc.

For telephone shifting, please apply to Divisional Engineer’s office in your new address area attaching your original demand note and Bill Clearance Certificate (obtainable from revenue office). Telephone number will be changed if shifting is not within same exchange area.

Call details are available at some exchanges on payment. Please contact local DE if you require this.

To lock all outgoing call: *34*password*01#, to lock only ISD call: *34*password*04#, to unlock: #34*password#. Password= any four digit like 1234, 7819 etc. You have to apply to local Divisional Engineer with copy of demand note to reset the password if you forget it.

Apply to local DE to provide ISD facility on your phone line. You may also book ISD call here: 152, 154, 162, 8312359, 8312369, 9332199

Code: Zilla/Upazilla area code                                               ISD country code

ISD Call Rate: BTCL to Landline (PSTN)                               BTCL to Cellphone

Monthly line rent for Multi-Exchange is Tk 160 for Zilla proper is Tk 120 and for Upazilla & Growth Centre is Tk 80.

Call charge per minute: BTCL to BTCL is Tk 0.30 (8AM-8PM) & Tk 0.10 (8PM-8AM). BTCL to other operator is Tk 0.80.

Bill payment status and duplicate copies are available here. To login, enter your area code and phone number together for both ID and Password. For example, ID & PW for a number in Dhaka is 029320243. You can change password later. If you can't login, then please call Director (Technical Development & Research)-9140007 or System Analyst-9131161, 9120244, Computer Centre, BTCL, Manik Mia Avenue, Dhaka.

If your line is temporarily disconnected (TD), pay dues and show the paid copies to BTCL revenue office. After 3 months, you'll need to pay reconnection charge. Please contact local revenue office or Director (Revenue-1) phone: 02-9146338 for area other than Dhaka and Director (Revenue-2) phone: 02-9138541 for Dhaka.

15% VAT will be added to all charges and bills.


Fax can be used on telephone line without extra permission. All charges are same as telephone charges.

PABX can be used on telephone lines. Auto-hunting facility (upto 8 numbers) is available.

Virtual Telephone Numbers are available at some exchanges. Connection charge is Tk 2000 per line for upto 10 lines, Tk 1000 per each extra line. Line rent is Tk 160/month for each of first 100 lines and Tk 80/month for each extra line.

Triple Play: GPON
ক) বিদ্যমান সাধারণ টেলিফোন ও এডিএসএল গ্রাহকগণের Gpon চার্জ প্রযোজ্য হবে না ।
খ) নতুন GPON সংযোগ টেস্টিং কনফিগারেশন ONT/MDU এর Port Charge টেলিফোনে সংযোগের অনুরূপ সংযোগ মুল্য (সর্বোচ্চ ৫০ মিটার CAT ক্যাবেল সরবরাহ ও স্থাপনাসহ)ও নিরাপত্তা জামানত প্রযোজ্য হবে।
বর্তমানে প্রচলিত এর বান্ডঊইথ চার্জ নিম্নরূপে পুনঃ নির্ধারণ করার প্রস্তাব গৃহীত হয়।
SL Bandwidth Data Limit Monthly Charge (BDT)
1 2Mbps No Data Limit 750
2 4Mbps No Data Limit 1100
3 6Mbps No Data Limit 1500
4 10Mbps No Data Limit 2000
** 15% Vat applicable to all charges
ONT প্রদানের মাধ্যমে সংযোগ প্রদান করা হলে,ONT যদি কারিগরি ত্রুটি হয়, সেক্ষেত্রে বিটিসিএল কতৃক পরিবর্তন করা যাবে। যদি গ্রাহক কতৃক হারিয়ে যায় বা Damage হয় , সেক্ষেত্রে ২০০০/- টাকা ডিম্যান্ড নোটের মাধ্যমে জমা দিলে,বিটিসিএল কতৃক পরিবর্তন করা হবে।

BCube (ADSL) service BCube uses ADSL 2+ technology You can also contact any of the following 3 outsourcing partners for BTCL's BCube (ADSL) prompt connection service. ADSL 2+ Modem with single/ multiple LAN ports and/or wifi router is available in market and can also be purchased from outsourcing partners. Price may vary from Tk. 2000 to 8000. BCube service is available in 64 districts. 20 Upazillas have ADSL service so far (Manirampur, Sharsha, Chaugacha, Jhikargacha, Noapara (Avaynagar), Bagharpara and Keshabpur of Jessore district, Bheramara and Mirpur of Kustia district, Ishwarganj of Mymensingha district, Kalihati of Tangail district, Tungipara of Gopalganj district, Singra of Natore district, Ishwardi of Pabna district, omega replica watches Sahajahanpur of Bogra district, Syedpur of Nilphamari district, Bhairab of Kishorganj district, Savar of Dhaka district), omega replica watches Sreemangal of Maulvibazar district and Jessore district of all upazillas have been chosen by Government as model area and hence brought fully under optical fibre and ADSL service.
Bill is included within telephone bill.

To view usage details and to change password, click here.
ADSL Customer Care, Mogbazar, Dhaka: 9351616

You can purchase ADSL2+ modem from outsoucing companies or from local computer shops.
For new connection, registration fee is Tk 100, Setup-Configuration charge (BTCL end) is Tk 300, Upgrade charge-Nil, Downgrade charge- Tk 150, Shifting charge- Tk 150.
15% VAT applicable to all charges and rates.

Bcube (ADSL Internet through copper wire telephone line)

SL Bandwidth Data Limit Monthly Charge (BDT)
1 512Kbps No Data Limit 300
2 1Mbps No Data Limit 500
3 1.5Mbps No Data Limit 700
** 15% Vat applicable to all charges

This is an old dial-up service available on all telephone lines in the country. No need to appy. Just dial 0101234 through a dial-up modem. Use ID=btcl Password=btcl. Maximum speed is 56Kbps. Charge is Tk 0.10 per minute. Bill is included in replica watches telephone bill.
An unlimited monthly package is also available for Tk 250. You will get a free email address on domain. For this, you need to apply to local DE, BTCL.
Your telephone line will remain busy while connected on click2net. However, per miniute phone call bill is not counted.

Backhaul Charge: Click here

Bandwidth from BTCL IIG:
(Ref: BTCL Head Office Circular No. R/S: 1-1/2014 Date: 21/09/2015, applicable from 01/09/2015)

Connection Charge: Tk 5,000.

# Bandwidth (Mbps) Rate (Taka/Mbps/Month)
for less than 5 years for at least 5 years
1 2-10 960 865
2 11-100 720 650
3 101-300 660 595
4 301-500 600 540
5 501-1000 540 485
6 1001-3000 Special Rate
7 3001-any Special Rate

Bandwidth from BTCL ISP:
(Ref: BTCL Head Office Circular No. R/S: 1-1/2014 Date: 21/09/2015, applicable from 01/09/2015)

Connection Charge: Tk 5,000.

(1) Category-1 Customers: Public Educational & Training Institutes, Public Universities, Military Educational & Training Institutes, Educational Research Network etc.
# Bandwidth (Mbps) Rate (Taka/Mbps/Month)
for less than 5 years for at least 5 years
1 2-50 800 720
2 51-100 760 685
3 101-300 720 650
4 301-500 660 595
5 501-1000 600 540
6 1001-any 540 485

(2) Category-2 Customers: Government, Semi-Government, Autonomous, Statutory, Non-Govt Educaational, International Universities, Organisations, Call Center, Software industry, BTRC Licensee etc.

# Bandwidth (Mbps) Rate (Taka/Mbps/Month)
for less than 5 years for at least 5 years
1 2-50 900 810
2 51-100 840 755
3 101-300 780 700
4 301-500 720 650
5 501-1000 660 595
6 1001-any 600 540
(3) Category-3 Customers: Corporate Office, Private Office, Bank, Insurance, Ltd Companies etc.
# Bandwidth (Mbps) Rate (Taka/Mbps/Month)
for less than 5 years for at least 5 years
1 2-30 960 865
2 31-100 900 810
3 101-300 840 755
4 301-500 780 700
5 501-any 720 650

(Ref: BTCL Head Office Circular No. R/S: 1-1/2014 Date: 21/09/2015, applicable from 01/09/2015)

Connection Charge: Tk 5000 per Point

Rate >>> Taka/Mbps Taka/Mbps/Km
Bandwidth (Mbps) 0-50 Km 51-100 Km 101-200 Km 201-300 Km 301-any Km
1-5 1000 9.00 8.00 7.00 6.00
6-20 700 6.50 6.00 5.50 5.00
21-50 500 4.75 4.50 4.25 4.00
51-150 300 2.75 2.50 2.25 2.00
151-300 200 1.75 1.75 1.50 1.50
301-500 150 1.50 1.25 1.25 1.00
501-any 100 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00

(Ref: BTCL Head Office Circular No. R/S: 1-1/2014 Date: 21/09/2015, applicable from 01/09/2015)

# Fiber Port Connection Charge (Taka) Monthly Charge (Taka)
1 FE 5,000 1,000
2 GE 10,000 3,000
3 10GE 25,000 10,000

Optical Fiber Local Loop:
(Ref: BTCL Head Office Circular No. R/S: 1-1/2014 Date: 21/09/2015, applicable from 01/09/2015)

Connection Charge: Tk 5,000 per connection
Monthly Charge: Tk 1000 per core (upto 500 m)
Tk 1.50 per core per meter beyond 500m
For Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari districts:
Tk 1.50 per core per meter beyond 500m

Real IP (Internet protocol) Address

Charge for 4 IP addresses is Tk 3200/year. Each additional address charge Tk 200/year.

Apply to DE (TP/Telex), BTCL, Mogbazar on prescribed form. Phone: 8361699 Email:

BLink (DDN)
DDN is an old data link service. Click here for rates.

Your compny can rent BTCL's secured room space, rack space, power supply, generator, rolex replica watches battery back up, air conditioning, microwave tower etc. Please contact local Divisional Engineer.